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Monthly Archives: June 2016

The Most Effective Treatment of Warts is Wartrol. Find out why

Warts are unsightly skin growths. They’re not cancerous however anyone who has them would definitely want to have them removed. They can grow on any area of the body, and they can be especially cumbersome when they grow on your face and hands. If you have this skin problem, then it’s pretty understandable that you’re desperate to find an effective treatment of warts.


Types of Warts

They are caused by a virus called HPV but there are a hundred types of HPV hence there are also several types of warts. They are as follows:

Common Warts – These grow on your toes and fingers, and they have a grainy appearance with a rounded top. They appear grayish in color.

Plantar Warts – They can be found on the soles of the feet. They grow into our skin so you would notice a small hole in the affected area surrounded by rough, hardened skin. When you have them, you will find it difficult to walk.

Flat Warts – These grow in the arms, thighs and face. They have a flat top, hence the name, and they also appear yellowish or brownish.

Filiform Warts – They can be found in the nose and mouth, and even the neck. They look like skin tags and have the same color as your skin.

Periungual Warts – They grow around and under fingernails and toenails, and are sometimes painful.

Genital Warts – Some HPV strains cause them, a sexually transmitted disease, also known as venereal warts. If you have genital warts, make sure to see a doctor as soon as possible so that you will be prescribed a venereal warts treatment and also to prevent the spread of STD.

How Does a Person Get Warts?

As mentioned earlier, they are caused by a group of viruses called HPV and you develop warts when your skin comes in contact with it. That means if you touch someone’s warts or use items like towels or shoes from someone who has them then you are likely to get warts as well.

They often grow on broken skin areas such as picked hangnails or cuts. Moreover, kids are more susceptible to this skin condition compared to adults. Perhaps the reason for this is that their immune systems aren’t as fully developed as adults and are thus unable to defend the body against certain types of HPV.

Will They Disappear Without Treatment?

Some will disappear even without treatment however most of them do not. Moreover, without treatment, even those that tend to go away will take months or even years before they do. Wartrol is an effective wart removal treatment. You should go through Wartrol real reviews before using it. And since they do have the tendency to spread not just to other people but also to other parts of the body, it stands to reason that treatment must be given before the problem gets worse.