There are many important factors to consider when deciding whether or not to have breast augmentation in Manhattan. While it is something that no-one really likes to think about it is important to be aware of the possible complications associated with breast augmentation.

There will be some pain and discomfort following your surgery, this is inevitable as with any kind of surgery, and you should either be given some form of pain relief or told what type of pain relief you can take to help with this. However you shouldn’t be in pain for more than a couple of days, if pain and discomfort continues you should contact your surgeon for further advice.

Infection is a big concern of many women who have had breast augmentation, while it is rare, sometimes infection occurs that necessitates the temporary removal of the implant while the infection clears, once the infection clears a new implant can be inserted. Infections of this nature generally occur within 10 days of surgery. Manhattan breast augmentation surgeons are well aware of the danger of infection and therefore maintain extremely sterile clinics in order to minimise risk.

Scarring is an inescapable aspect of breast augmentation, however techniques these days allow for minimal scarring, and depending on the type of implant you have you may be able to have near-invisible scars in an area such as your armpit – this is something that you would discuss with your surgeon if scarring is a big concern.

Capsular contracture can occur when the scar tissue around the implant either contracts or thickens or both. As part of the healing process, your body creates a layer of scar tissue around the implant as it sees it as a foreign body. This capsule of scar tissue usually forms a few days after surgery and is a thin and supply layer, this is perfectly normal and will result in natural feeling breasts. However, there are cases where for reasons not entirely understood by Manhattan breast augmentation surgeons, this capsule starts to behave strangely and can result in hardened breast tissue and in very rare cases discomfort. If the breast begins to mis-shape or discomfort becomes severe then surgery to either remove the capsule or to make an incision to release the contraction around the implant.

Many doctors also suggest to have breast actives pills which gives very good result and has no side effects. You should always consult your doctor before you take any pill or go for an augmentation surgery. Click to read about breast actives.