Weight loss is one of the hottest topic around the world. Almost everybody is interested, whether for vanity or health related reasons.

Unfortunately an overwhelming rate of these people choose the crash, extreme diet or exercise routine which mostly offer no result and even turn out dangerous.

Ultimately all these diets, methods and exercise routines do not work because none of them are actually doable or safe in the long run.

There are ways to lose weight, simple, doable ways, which can be done without dragging oneself to the gym or sacrificing favorite food items. It needs to be noted however, that any worthwhile weight loss program takes time to yield results.


Stay away from those who promise you miraculous speed in shedding the extra pounds; this spells either ignorance or dishonesty. Stay with a program for 30 days and watch if there are changes. Move on to something else, if there is no change. The tips below, on the other hand, can be applied anytime, anywhere, no matter what diet or exercise routine you are following.

Tip # 1

Walking. Just 30 minutes of well paced stroll every day is going to give you much stronger legs and heart, not to mention significant amount of burnt calories.

Tip # 2

Make use of the mini cycle. Lightweight and economical, these portable set of bicycle pedals enable you to ‘bike’ on the couch, at your work station and many other places.

Tip # 3

Always try to substitute the elevator with the stairs. This is one of the easiest ways to find the chance to exercise, while losing weight effortlessly. Several simple steps every day pushes you a long down the street toward weight loss. Find other excuses to walk, like parking a little farther from the store’s entrance.

Tip # 4

Unless you are severely overweight, there is no need to completely give up on your favorite food items. The key is moderation. After all, even the best of things can sabotage you if eaten, taken or used excessively. If you are a fan of candy bars, try limiting yourself to just of them, or better yet, consume the miniature candy bar. You can use Phen375 – an extremely well known fat burner. Phen375 helps to reduce fat without much exercise. Phen375 is clinically proven to help lots of obese people and helped them to lose weight.

Tip # 5

Keep a routine. It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you are doing, it needs to be done in regular frequency, preferably once a day. The hardest thing about exercising is not doing it, it’s sticking to the routine. Those who try to do it everyday are the ones who are likely to keep the routine and succeed in shedding the extra pounds.

These tips are not, by any means, a substitute to any advice a doctor may give you. Keep in mind that starting a weight loss program always require a proper consultation with a professional, be it a doctor or a nutritionist.